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The NATV model is the first of its kind.

There  are  two  parts  of  the  NATV  process:

1. The NATV interview series

2. The NATV village 

First,  we  take  some  of  the  main  materials  used  to  build  the  homes  --  lumber,  plywood,  and  glass  --  and  create  our  own  set-pieces  out  of  them.

These  set-pieces  become  an  integral  part  of  how  the  NATV  interviews  are  conducted.  Each  set  of  completed  interviews  raises  enough  materials  to  build  one  NATV  home.


For  example:

2  “Mind Frame Interviews =

enough  wood + plywood  for  1  NATV  home


After  the  interviews,  the  set-pieces  are  disassembled  and  its  materials  are  given  back  to  the  building  team  to  create  our  homes.


Why  do  the  interviews?  NATV  interview  content  helps  build  an  audience  for  community  initiatives  that  would  otherwise  receive  less  attention. 


Our  interviews  invite  conversation  with  extraordinary  artists   .   Additionally,  the  NATV  interviews  invite  conversation  and  collaboration  with  


All  NATV  interviews  are,  by  nature,  inventive  and  fun.

The  end  goal  of  all  NATV  content  is  to  contribute  to  the  expansion  of  our  village.

The  NATV  village  will  be  a  supportive,  consciously-designed  community  for  people  experiencing  homelessness  in  Northeastern  Pennsylvania.  Our  town  location  has  yet  to  be  confirmed.

We  believe  in  the  tiny  home  village  model  as  a  great  step  towards  creating  sustainable  communities  and  eradicating  state  homelessness.

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